Piers Morgan Demonizes Restaurant Owner Offering Discounts to Gun-Toting Customers

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 | Matt Hadro | NewsBusters.org
Piers Morgan slimed yet another gun rights advocate, on his Tuesday night show. He lectured and insulted a Virginia restaurant owner who offered discounts to gun-toting customers, calling the promotion "cynical" and "idiotic."

"Mr. Laze, good luck with your promotion. I hope it fails spectacularly," Morgan snarled at the pizza shop owner Jay Laze. Like other Morgan "interviews," he spent his time belitting his guest rather than hosting a real debate.

For instance, Morgan offered this wild exaggeration of Laze's promotion: "You are quite happy for American civilians to march into your restaurant with rocket launchers, arriving in armed tanks and perhaps carrying a few Uzi submachine guns, is that your position?"

And he lectured his guest like a White House press secretary. "Because the point is if you see President Obama doesn't want to take away anybody's gun. It's a complete myth," he mocked Laze's fear that Obama will eventually try to confiscate guns.

Perhaps the funniest moment came when Morgan sneered that "that's why you're doing it, to make money, isn't it?" Somebody forgot to tell Piers he was talking to a business owner, apparently.


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