Congressman Steve Stockman reminds you to have a Happy ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ on Jan. 19

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 | Richard Dunham | Houston Chronicle
Chick-fil-A Day will seem like just a bunch of tiny morsels next to the tidal wave of conservative protest coming this Saturday — if Texas congressman Steve Stockman has his way.

Stockman today endorsed — and pushed out on social media — the idea of “Gun Appreciation Day” on Saturday, a day before President Obama formally is sworn in for a second term as president and two days before the inaugural ceremonies at the Capitol.

And there’s a direct relationship between the two days:  Stockman and Second Amendment groups say that Obama is poised to use executive action to curb their gun rights.

Stockman released a statement today asking “Americans nationwide to show their support for gun ownership by turning out en masse at gun stores, ranges, and shows from coast to coast.”


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